Mattia Gilio, PhD


My research is field-based and process-oriented and focusses on subduction zone processes, fluid rock interactions and earthquakes dynamics and triggering processes within HP to UHP rocks from orogenic belts as the Western Alps and the Central Scandinavian Caledonides.

I am currently working on stress measurement on host-inclusion systems in natural samples from various HP and UHP localities in the Western and Central Alps (Brossasco-Isasca Unit, Lago di Cignana Unit, Alpe Arami) and from the Western Gneiss Region (Norway) and the Seve-Nappe Complex (Sweden). In my work, I will test new methods of elastic geobarometry of host-inclusion systems and compare it to classic geothermobarometry and thermodynamic modelling. My aim is to reconstruct the P-T-t-σ histories of major HP to UHP terranes, with major implications on differential stresses in subduction zones, depths of burial and earthquake triggering mechanisms.



Latest activities