Matteo Alvaro

Matteo Alvaro is a Professor of Mineralogy at the University of Pavia, Italy.

His research is mainly focused to the determination of the chemical and physical properties of minerals phases relevant for the Earth and planetary sciences, together with the development of the mineralogical-crystallographic-elastic tools for understanding the behavior such phases under non ambient conditions. The properties of these mineral phases that represent the deep regions of our planet, meteorites from planetary bodies or technological materials provide fundamental information on planet-scale geological processes (such as convection, plate tectonics and subduction), and technological processes optimization.

“My latest results are focused on the development of linear and non-linear elasticity theory applied to two components systems (i.e. host-inclusion). The development of my research is supported by experimental and theoretical interests that includes high-pressure-temperature research, elasticity and elastic geothermobarometry on host-inclusion systems.”