Marco Scambelluri


I am professor of Petrology at the University of Genova. My research activity is dedicated to metamorphic petrology, the genesis of metamorphic fluids, fluid/rock interactions and petrology of eclogite-facies rocks. Research is focussed on high- (HP) and ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) metamorphism of oceanic and continental lithosphere from the Alps, the Betic Cordillera (South-Eastern Spain), Dabie-Shan and Sulu (China), the Caledonides of Western Norway. The approach is field-based and process-oriented, aimed at understanding the behaviour of rocks and fluids in subduction environments.

The goals are:

– The tectonic and petrologic processes attending subduction and exhumation of HP and UHP rocks.

– The volatile and incompatible element recycling from shallow oceans and fore-arcs to the deep mantle. Specific targets are water and carbon storage in hydrates and carbonates and their cycles in subduction-zones

– The genesis and composition of subduction-zone fluids, the significance of fluid inclusions and of fluid-related polycrystalline inclusions, and the role of fluids in mass transfer, mantle metasomatism and the genesis of magmas at convergent plate margins.

– Monitoring fluid-rock interaction in subduction zones using geochemical tracers like fluid-mobile elements (e.g. boron, chlorine, lithium, halogens, chalcophile, large-ion lithophile elements) and stable isotopes

–  Seismic structures in fossil subduction-zone rocks as monitors of earthquakes in present-day subduction zones