Mattia Mazzucchelli


I am a Alexander Von Humboldt Fellow at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz. I have been a postdoctoral fellow within the ERC-Truedepths project at the “Fiorenzo Mazzi” Experimental Mineralogy Lab until mid 2020. My research is focused on the use of the elasticity of host-inclusion mineral systems to determine the P-T conditions of metamorphic processes.

I introduced new ways to develop computational models based on the 3D reconstruction of natural samples from X-ray computed tomography to reproduce the complex geometry of the system, including also the full elastic anisotropy of each mineral phase. This has opened the way to the application of “non-ideal” elastic gobarometry, which can be applied to real samples with anisotropic properties and non-regular geometries.  Moreover, I contributed to develop the tools for the analysis and quantification of deviatoric stresses on elastically anisotropic inclusions still entrapped in their host using micro-raman spectroscopy.

I also develop programs with graphical user interface, released as webapps, to allow the scientific community to perform geobarometric calculations in an easy and efficient way (see EntraPT).



Latest activities