Biswabhanu Puhan


Biswabhanu Puhan is a PhD student at the University of Pavia, Italy.

I am currently working on ‘3D numerical modelling of complex host inclusion systems’ for my PhD thesis. The mechanism of earthquakes below the brittle-ductile transition zone has been a long-standing mystery due to its weak rheology and high confining pressure. Under the joint supervision of Prof. Alessandro Reali & Prof. Matteo Alvaro, I am dealing with that issue by proposing an alternative theory that includes a host-inclusion system and then checking its viability through numerical simulations. So, this study will help to understand the origin of earthquakes better, it has also plausible application in

  • Elastic geobarometry where the residual stresses can be analysed more accurately.
  • Understanding quakes in other celestial bodies such as the moon, mars etc. where no conclusive evidence of existence for tectonic plates found, unlike earth.