Open Positions

The Mile-DEEp project continuously evaluates new and brilliant minds.

At this time, our open positions are:

  • webmaster (ours is a lazy fat-ass!)
  • 3 PhD positions each one funded for a 3-year project.
    • project #1: Elastic geobarometry methods: validation through synthesis and characterization of host-inclusion pairs by means of single-crystal x-ray diffraction (detailed description).
    • project #2: Elastic geobarometry methods: calibration of the Raman shifts in terms of deviatoric stresses and test on synthetic host-inclusion pairs (detailed description).
    • project #3: Elastic geobarometry: bringing back together P-T-t paths and deformation history of Dora Maira, Lago di Cignana and Voltri (detailed description coming soon).

Feel free to send us your CV and we will keep in touch with you if and when any position suitable for your expertise becomes available.

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