How does recorded temperature changes upon impact shock?

Anna Barbaro and co-authors estimated temperature by a graphite-thermometer based on micro-raman spectroscopy data, on 5 ureilitic fragments (FRO 95028, FRO 01089, FRO 97013, FRO 01088 and FRO 01012) with increasing degree of shock (from S2 to S6).

Fig. 1. from Barbaro et al Shock levels ascribed to shock features observed on olivine (a) and pyroxene (b) crystals of the FRO samples are shown in the figure. Modified image after Stöffler et al. (2018).

Their results clearly show that the determined temperatures in the range of 1291 to 1398 °C ±120 °C reveal that there apparently there is no considerable variation of the graphite temperature with the increasing degree of shock.