This recent publication by Baldwin et al., in collaboration with new lab group member Joseph Gonzalez studied inclusion bearing detrital garnets from the actively exhuming (ultra)high-pressure terrane in eastern Papua New Guinea. Individual detrital garnets from felsic source rocks preserve inclusions of the ultrahigh-pressure indicator mineral coesite, while other detrital garnets contain the first documented inclusions of the ultrahigh-temperature indicator minerals cristobalite in Papua New Guinea. Application of elastic thermobarometry to coexisting quartz and zircon inclusions in detrital garnet indicates that inclusion strains were re-equilibrated due to high-temperature metamorphism during exhumation of the garnet bearing source rocks. These findings expand the types of known lithologies that experienced UHP metamorphism in Papua New Guinea and show how geochemical and petrologic methods applied to detrital garnets can be used to reveal rock recycling processes.

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